Story cut 4

The Archer Wife ready to fire her bow.

The Archer Wife is the fourth unlockable wife.

Appearance Edit

The Archer Wife has golden eyes and black hair in a high side ponytail. She wears a white nagajuban, a red hakama, white socks, and a grey chest plate with red straps. She also wears brown gloves, though is only seen wearing one in her illustrations. She possesses a brown bow and at least one arrow.

In her illustrations, the Archer Wife is aiming an arrow at an unseen target.

In the secret illustration of the game, the Archer Wife wears a white hooded uchikake with a red nagajuban and a shiny white pin.

Presents Edit

The Archer Wife's presents are bowls containing small, regular and large portions of rice. Each bowl of rice multiplies Archer Wife's LPS by 2, 20 and 200 respectively.

Gallery Edit