Story cut 2

The Kimono Wife standing under her umbrella.

The Kimono Wife is the second unlockable wife. She is unlocked during the tutorial after Apron Wife.

Appearance Edit

The Kimono Wife has long light brown hair adorned with red Japanese camellia. It is tied in a ponytail and rests on her left shoulder. She wears a green kimono, a white nagajuban, white tabi, brown zōri, and a pink obi tied in a chō-musubi bow.

In her old illustration, she is pictured dancing with a pink sensu. In the new illustration, she shields herself from the rain with a red wagasa which are used by brides in traditional Japanese weddings.

Presents Edit

There are three different coloured obi that can be purchased for the Kimono Wife as presents with Love. The first is pale pink, the second is blue and the third is a darker shade of pink. Each will multiply her LPS when purchased.

Gallery Edit