The Wife of Wives is the sixteenth and final unlockable wife.

Appearance Edit

The Wife of Wives has waist-length brown hair with a gold gradient. She has side-swept bangs and half-up braids tied back with a pink veil decorated with pink flowers. She wears a long pink dress with a white gradient decorated with pink roses.

In her old illustration, she is seen at the wedding altar with a bouquet of pink roses wearing a pink pendant.

In the game's old secret illustration, the Wife of Wives is seen sitting on top of a brown present adorned with a dark pink bow. In the game's new secret illustration, the Wife of Wives' hair is tied in a large bun decorated with a silver tiara. She wears a fluffy sleeveless silver-blue dress with bows on it and a silver necklace.

Presents Edit

There are three rings that can be purchased for the Wife of Wives.